Media Coverage

The National - Turkey's bear boulevard: how a wildlife corridor may save their hides

Fox 13 Utah News - Motion-activated cameras in Red Butte Canyon capture variety of wildlife

University of Utah News - Undergraduates study wildlife in Red Butte Canyon with camera traps

University of Utah News - Bird Banding in Red Butte Canyon

Beacon Reader - Death of Asena: an interview with Dr. Sekercioglu on his wolf collaring and tracking program in Turkey

BBC - In pictures: Conservation award winners announced

New Yorker - Our conservation and ecology research in eastern Turkey

Audubon - Our lab's bird conservation ecology research is in Audubon

New York Times - Our research on using citizen science data to study the effects of climatic change on birds is in the New York Times

Science - Our campaign to save eastern Turkey's richest wetland for birds is in Science Read Listen

Reuters - The Sekercioglu Lab is part of a new paper that assesses the vulnerability of birds, amphibians and corals to climate change 

National Geographic - Sekercioglu interview with Boyd Matson on birdwatching, bird conservation and birds' ecosystem services

ABC 4 Utah News - Cagan Sekercioglu appears in National Geographic Magazine

Fox 13 Utah News - National Geographic recognizes Cagan Sekercioglu as top risk-taker

Audubon - Audobon article on birds' ecological roles and ecosystem services

The Salt Lake Tribune - Cagan Sekercioglu named National Geographic ‘Risk Taker’

National Geographic - Cagan Sekercioglu is chosen as a National Geographic Risk Taker

Utah Park City TV Mountain Morning Show - Professor Sekercioglu's interview

National Geographic - Brown bears film their lives with Turkey's first CritterCams

University of Utah News Center - Sekercioglu publishes a paper on Bird functional diversity and ecosystem services in tropical forests, agroforests and agricultural areas

Current Biology - Sekercioglu is interviewed by Current Biology for a Turkey biodiversity feature

PRI's The World - Why an 'Israeli Bird' found in Turkey was not a spy

Mongabay - Turkey's rich biodiversity at risk

The Christian Science Monitor - With wildlife corridor, Turkey tackles an ecological crisis

BBC - Up to 900 tropical bird species could 'go extinct'

Continuum, the University of Utah Magazine - Tracking winged sentinels

The Daily Utah Chronicle - Birds serve as a warning of dangers in climate change

New York Times - Study predicts a bleak future for many birds

National Geographic - Turkey's first wildlife corridor

National Geographic - Biodiversity conservation in Turkey

New York Times - Biodiversity in Turkey, at Risk Yet Largely Ignored

Alexander Christie-Miller - Cagan Sekercioglu: "We have no choice but to be optimistic."

Alexander Christie-Miller - On the frontline with Turkey's ecologists

Alexander Christie-Miller - Turkey's wildlife: ignored and in crisis

Mashallah News - Turkey's Bird Super-highway

TV interviews

Utah Park City TV Mountain Morning Show - Professor Sekercioglu's interview

BBC world Report - Sekercioglu's Lake Kuyucuk conservation project

ABC interview on bird extinctions

Discover TV - Birds are in touble

Kars Kuyucuk Project narrated by Sir David Attenborough

National Geographic TV Wild Chronicles

Radio Interviews

RS FM Radio Interview on Lake Kuyucuk drying (9/25/2014, in Turkish)

Research profiles

Rare Turkish bird haven under threat

Current Biology Q&A

National Geographic - Emerging Explorer Award

National Geographic - Turkey's Scientist of the Year


The New Yorker - article - audio - photos

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment


National Geographic Radio

Today's Zaman - Whitley Gold Award Interview

Today's Zaman - Conserving the unique biodiversity of Turkey

Today's Zaman - There's much more to birdwatchers than meets the eye

Salt Lake Tribune


Turkey Daily News

Conservation in Turkey

Time Out Istanbul - Into the Wild

Whitley Gold Conservation Award

Whitley Fund for Nature Press Release

Kars Kuyucuk Project narrated by Sir David Attenborough

Stanford News Service - Honors and Awards

Birdwatch - Turkish bird conservationist wins top accolade

Current Biology - Prize recognition

Turkish Press - Turkish researcher gets environmental award from Britain

Today's Zaman - Award-winning scientist back at work to save endangered lake

Ventura County Star

Climate change and bird extinctions

Stanford News Service - Climate change will significantly increase impending bird extinctions

Nature - The escalator effect

Scitizen - Global warming creates a stairway to heaven

Bloomberg - Warming may cause 30% of land birds to go extinct

Mongabay - Climate change will significantly increase bird extinctions

Los Angeles Times - 30% of land birds may die by 2100

Sacramento Bee - Is rabbit's relative a warming victim?

San Jose Mercury News - Birding takes flight in South Bay

Telegraph - One in three bird species faces extinction

Stanford Scientific - A bird's eye view of climate change

Sunday's Zaman - Climate chance scenarios foresees 30% of birds extinct by 2100

Worldwatch Institute - Bird extinctions likely to rise with climate change

Conservation - No room at the top

Geographic ranges of threatened and specialized birds are overestimated

UCSD News Service - Threatened birds may be rarer than geographic range maps suggest

Mongabay - Threatened birds rarer than previously believed

UPI - Birds' extinction danger underestimated

Amphibian extinctions

Current Results - Amphibians at greatest risk have common traits

New Scientist - Amphibians run out of space

Bird research, conservation and education in Kars & Igdir, eastern Turkey

Atlas - Aras'in Kuslari

Turkish Daily News - Passage birds under scientific monitoring in Aras Valley

Persistence of forest birds in the Costa Rican agricultural countryside

Stanford News Service - Some birds can survive in agricultural areas with even limited habitat conservation - Coffee plantations may preserve some bird species in Costa Rica

Environment - A few good trees

National Geographic - Are birds best hope for pest-ridden coffee crops?

Innovations Report

Migratory birds are less likely to go extinct than sedentary birds - Sedentary, not migratory birds face higher extinction risk

Ecological consequences of bird extinctions

Stanford News Service - Bird populations face steep decline in coming decades

CNN - Bird warning: 10 percent extinct by 2100

Conservation in Practice




Science and Spirit


Voice of America

Bird extinctions underestimated

The News & Observer - Humans endangering more birds

San Francisco Chronicle - Where are all the birds?

Disappearance of insectivorous birds from Costa Rican forest fragments

American Scientist - Where have all the rainforest flycatchers gone - and why?

Effects of forestry practices on Ugandan birds

Harvard Crimson - Thesis writers find unexpected rewards

First non-profit birdwatching tour of Turkey

Hurriyet - First Turkish birdwatching tour broke a record

Bald Ibis rediscovered in Ethiopia

BBC NEWS - Winter home find cheers twitchers

BirdLife International - Bald Ibis adults tracked to wintering ground


EFE - Miles de especies de aves en peligro

Mongabay - Una entrevista con el ornitologista Dr. Cagan Sekercioglu

Mongabay - Las plantaciones del café pueden preservar una cierta especie del pájaro en Costa Rica

Mongabay - Los pájaros sedentarios, no migratorios, hacen frente a un riesgo más alto de la extinción

Mongabay - Riesgo de la extinción de la cara de los pájaros debido a las actividades humanas


Mongabay - Uma entrevista com o ornitologista Dr. Cagan Sekercioglu


Kars-Igdir Dogal Zenginlik Projesi haberleri

Turkiye kus gozlem turu haberleri

Kuyucuk Golu Projesi Haberleri

Whitley Gold Odulu Haberleri

Aksam - Iste 10 basarili genc

Amerika'nin Sesi - Kars Biyocesitlilik Projesi (Ses dosyasi)

Amerika'nin Sesi - Kus gozlemciligi uzerine (Ses dosyasi)

Atlas - Kuslarin olum yuzyili

Atlas - Kus turizmi: Rekor gozlem

Bilim Teknik - Kongre

Bilim Teknik - Kus Civiltisinin Olmadigi Bir Dunyaya Dogru

Gunaydin - Cevre koruma ve ahlaki onderlik odulu

Haftalik - Turk tropikal biyolog

Hurriyet - Kuslarin yuzde 10'u yok olacak

Hurriyet Pazar - Onun evi doga

Kariyer - Kuyucuk Golunun Kuslari

Milliyet - Afrika'ya goc etmesi gereken kuslar kisi Istanbul'da geciriyor

Milliyet - Turkler yamyam mi?

Radikal - Kus gribi

Sabah - 30 bin dolara kus gozlemlediler

TRT - Doğu'nun Kuş Cennetleri

Turkish Journal - Şekercioğlu uyarıyor: “Küresel ısınma sonucu, birçok kuş türü yok olacak”

USA Turkish Times - Turkiye dogal kaynaklarin tuketilmesinde ilk siralarda

Yesil Atlas - Kuslarin ekolojik onemi

Yesiliz - Kusdilinden anlamak